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  Tattoo Supplies / Tattoo Machines
 Bishop Rotary Orange, 3.5 Bookmark and Share
Item number TAM 007 CC

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The Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine is one of the lightest professional tattoo machines available. It has been recommended by several of the best artists in the industry who enjoy the experience of tattooing with this machine due to its ‘weightless’ feel. Weighing only 115g this super light machine is not only more comfortable for long term use but can also help combat joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome that is often associated with tattooing. It has been ergonomically designed to flow with the weight of the tube

These machines are formed from aircraft grade aluminium for strength and durability. Each Bishop Rotary tattoo machine has been assembled by hand to ensure ultimate precision and function. Every machine has been anodised which creates a great finish and also provides wear resistance, especially in areas where friction is more common. Only Swiss MAXON motors are used in these machines to generate a linear motion of the needles. The need for rubber bands has also been eliminated as a ‘double sized Needle Clip’ is now utilised which provides the correct amount of force on the needles. The clip will hold the needle where it needs to be and eliminates any lateral motion in the needle.

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