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 Nikko Hurtado Vegan Blue Bookmark and Share
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Item number MS 204

This product is only sold to studio customers

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After trying every tattoo cream out there ‘Nikko Hurtado’ spotted a gap in the market for a more consistent and premium ointment, a tattoo cream for tattoo artists; developed by tattooists.

Vegan Blue is a skin product with over two years of development and testing that uses the natural benefits of its ingredients so it’s not only great for your skin but also helps in the tattooing and healing process. The main ingredient, turmeric root, promotes natural anti-inflammatory properties combined with vitamin rich Sunflower seed oil and antibacterial jojoba oil for a natural and animal product-free cream.

By using premium ingredients ‘Nikko Hurtado’ has developed this leading product not just for the tattooing process but with the advantage of daily use on dry skin too.

A little bit of Vegan Blue goes a long way and will not melt off your hand or wipe your stencil away making it the perfect process cream too.


Mail: webshop@tribe.se

Tel: +46 31 701 75 90

Box 2234
403 14 Gothenburg

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