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 PVD Gold Hinged Jeweled Segment Ring Bookmark and Share
Item number TAM 023
It still has all the same functions as the original, just reconfigured for easier and longer lasting tuning.
These also feature a Mabuchi motor, which have been tested thoroughly, and seem to be the perfect motor for longevity, consistency, and low-cost replacement.
The Sidewinder is best known for being an effortless large grouping liner, but can be set up for most any task. (They do tend to work best when ran on the faster side)

They have a very coil like feel to them, but with more consistency, power, and less weight and noise.
The stroke and hit can be tuned independently, giving the option of a hard hitting/short stroke, or long stroke/soft hitting or vice-versa. (typically the longer the stroke, the harder the hit)

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