Is it possible to stretch all kinds of piercings?
All piercings can be stretched to some extent, but the most common piercing to stretch is earlobes. The main thing to consider is that your piercings must be completely healed before you start stretching them. The pace of the stretching is very individual. Listen to your body. It should never be painful to stretch your piercing, if it feels a bit tense its ok, but if it hurts you stretch too fast. Be patient. If you give the stretching process some time you will get a much nicer result.

If you stretch too fast, the risk of building scar tissue is muck larger. Scar tissue can complicate future stretching, and the piercing will not shrink if one day you want to remove the jewelry for good. Remember to stretch your ears both from the front and the rear to get the prettiest result. Use some form of lotion or lubricant for smoother stretching.

Is it ok to drink alcohol after making a fresh piercing?
It is not recommended for several reasons. For starters, alcohol makes the blood thinner, so the risk of bleeding increases significantly. If the blood becomes thinner the risk of swelling increases, which could have serious consequences if youve made oral piercings such as the tongue.

The body becomes intoxicated when drinking alcohol and is primarily focusing on getting the alcohol out of the system instead of healing the fresh piercing. This means that the healing period takes longer time and the risk of complications increases significantly.

We at TRIBE recommends that you do not drink alcohol for one, preferably two weeks after you have made a fresh piercing.

Can I get a piercing even if Ive got nickel allergy?
Yes, you can. At Tribe piercing, the initial jewelry in fresh piercings is always made of titanium. Titanium contains no nickel and is very biocompatible. 316L Steel is also suitable for initial piercing as it does not release more nickel than it passes the EU nickel directive. Please read more about the different materials in our section for material information.

Is it ok to swim or sunbathe after making a fresh piercing?
We recommend that you do not swim in pools or lakes for 10-14 days after you have made a fresh piercing. Swimming in the sea is not as bad but its always better not to do it the first couple of days after getting pierced. Staying in the sun is not negative for the initial healing but stay away from sunbeds since they are very dirty environments with high growth of bacteria.

My piercing is swollen, is it dangerous?
Swelling is common after performing a fresh piercing. The swelling can last for several days and its no cause for concern. The swelling may extend all around the pierced area and also provide some discoloration due to a bruise, which is either dangerous or unusual.

My piercing is bleeding, is it dangerous?
Sometimes there occurs some bleeding from the piercing for short periods the first few days after getting pierced. If the bleeding does not stop you can place a rolled towel or damp gauze over the wound and apply light pressure. Hold the pressure for about thirty minutes.
The bleeding can also cause a small bruise around the pierced area, which is either dangerous or unusual.


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